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Jun 14, 2009
College Football - Highest Paid Coaches - June 2009

Yay for Stoops, just keep coming in 2nd and making us happy. LINK

1 Bob Stoops - Oklahoma - $6,500,000
2 Charlie Weis - Notre Dame - $4,200,000
3 Pete Carroll - USC - $4,000,000
4 Les Miles - LSU - $3,751,000
5 Nick Saban - Alabama - $3,750,000
6 Jim Tressel - Ohio State - $3,500,000
7 Urban Meyer - Florida - $3,400,000
8 Kirk Ferentz - Iowa - $3,030,000
9 Mack Brown - Texas - $2,910,000
10 Bobby Petrino - Arkansas - $2,850,000
Rest of the list

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Dec 07, 2008
Colorado game 2008



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Oct 05, 2008
2008 - The year of no Blackshirts (again)

Oh brother, where do I start? I'm pretty sure that Bo won't hand out the Blackshirts out this year. Or maybe against Baylor, but then again if we play like we have been, the Bears have a solid chance in Lincoln. You better believe it.

This is how Missouri game developed. Mistake, penalty, mistake, penalty, mistake, penalty, mistake, penalty. The defense was not there to make the play on almost every 3rd down. When they were, they couldn't make a tackle. Take for example the very first TD by Missouri. Seriously damn it. This is not Nebraska football.

Why do we have 3 linemen in the box, when they can't get the quarterback with 4? And if we do pull a guy from the box to the back, why are they not sticking to the receivers and looking like a lost puppy. If I was as bad at my job as our defense is at theirs, my boss would ask me to go for a walk with him, and as soon as we got outside, he'd tell me to keep walking. ... Read More

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Sep 12, 2008
Huskers vs Canes in 2014 / 2015

LINCOLN - Nebraska and Miami, opponents for five bowl games in the last 25 years, have agreed to play a home-and-home regular-season football series in 2014 and 2015.

NU would be scheduled to host the Hurricanes on Sept. 20, 2014. The Huskers then would travel to Miami on Sept. 12, 2015.

The contract is finalized but not yet signed by either school. ... Read More

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Apr 12, 2008
No Holds Barred - (ESPN)

New Nebraska coach Bo Pelini has forbidden his teams from frequenting select Lincoln watering holes this spring after several Cornhuskers were involved in several alcohol-related incidents earlier this year.

In order to ensure his team was heeding his edict, Pelini and Nebraska assistant athletic director of football operations Jeff Jamrog made an unannounced stroll through several bars last Thursday night, according to a report in the Lincoln Journal Star. ... Read More

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Mar 13, 2008
Zero-tolerance policy

"A zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and social responsibility is now in effect." - Bo Pelini LINK

Props to Bo, if you pardon one, others will do the same.

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Oct 09, 2007
Football Gods hate us

Six points. Six points is what we watched our beloved Huskers get against Mizzou, that would have been Ok in 2004, but our crappy team actually won that year or in 2005, but we got 24 that game and it was a close game until the end of the 3rd quarter.

Personally, I had a wedding to attend to and was a little upset that I didn't get to watch the game live (at the time), but then I saw some of the groomsmen walking back from the bar (which they snuck out to watch the game) early, I realized that we were in trouble. And now I'm happy that I didn't experience this loss live because if I were at home, I would have probably thrown the controller through my new LCD. ... Read More

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Sep 25, 2007
Ball State Review
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Sam Keller showed a great posture of a leader. Answering Ball State's onslaught, punch for punch. I love this guy. He's fired up and plays with fire in his eyes. Lucky had a solid game, while it looked like Castille was benched, I didn't see him at all after the fumble. Call me old school, but I liked the call, you fumble, you sit. Next game he'll hang on a little tighter. I can't really judge our O line because Ball St's defensive line is one of the worst in the country. But I will give major props to our receiving unit, especially a walk-on TE Sean Hill. This guy catches the ball, as simple as that. He waited 4 years to do this, now it's his turn and he is definitely shining. ... Read More

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Sep 18, 2007
USC Review
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Well, well, well. So I don't think I am going to spend much time recapping the game on this installment. I think I will just rant. What the hell happened to the rush defense? What the hell happened to our secondary? See we started off doing good, but then Pete Carroll decided to do this thing and adapt his game plan so he could win, something Callahan has yet to show. What was going on with the D-Line? A one-legged Nazi midget with AIDS could have run through the holes that USC was making in our line. I will be honest I didn't think the Huskers were going to win going in to the game, but I thought we could given USC a good run. Then during the first, I thought we had a chance. We took the lead on a TD and a field goal. I actually thought we might pull off a win. ... Read More

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Sep 09, 2007
Wake Forest Review

I can let you know now that I was not impressed with the victory over Wake Forest at all. Yeah we're sitting with a perfect record of 2-0 right now, but if it were not for some Wake Forest mistakes at the end of the game, we might not have walked away with the "W" today. Who knew that Wake Forest's replacement QB was going to be like Rain Man and tear our defense apart. I know they were the ACC champions, but shit. Wake Forest's WR Moore was like Seabiscuit, running all over the field.

Oh, and all the bullshit that Keller just needs to get the dust off and he will be our savior, drop it. I bet if you blew the dust off of Condoleezza Rice's vagina it would still be a lousy lay. And if he is still "rusty" what the hell has he been doing at practice (that question was rhetorical, don't reply back)? I thought the whole reason they have training camps and practice was to get the dust off. On a few of the plays I actually thought that Helen Keller was playing QB. I would probably take Helen's deaf, blind and mute ass over Sam Keller right now. 3 turnovers isn't going to do it buddy. What was going on when he fumbled the snap? The only thing you have to do is fall on the ball and it looked like he was trying to teabag it.

I will say the running game, while not as lucrative as last week was still good. Lucky ended the game with nearly 100 yards, and he had the 22-yard TD run in the third. Castille also looked decent. He definitely had some good runs powering through the Demon Deacons D, but our rush defense sure blew it on this one. Everyone found out that the Blackshirts have a weakness and that is running the ball to the outside. They did have some key plays that helped the Huskers win, but consistency is the key. Suh definitely stepped it up this game and Octavien had some good plays, but was relatively quiet. ... Read More

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