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Sep 09, 2007
Wake Forest Review

I can let you know now that I was not impressed with the victory over Wake Forest at all. Yeah we're sitting with a perfect record of 2-0 right now, but if it were not for some Wake Forest mistakes at the end of the game, we might not have walked away with the "W" today. Who knew that Wake Forest's replacement QB was going to be like Rain Man and tear our defense apart. I know they were the ACC champions, but shit. Wake Forest's WR Moore was like Seabiscuit, running all over the field.

Oh, and all the bullshit that Keller just needs to get the dust off and he will be our savior, drop it. I bet if you blew the dust off of Condoleezza Rice's vagina it would still be a lousy lay. And if he is still "rusty" what the hell has he been doing at practice (that question was rhetorical, don't reply back)? I thought the whole reason they have training camps and practice was to get the dust off. On a few of the plays I actually thought that Helen Keller was playing QB. I would probably take Helen's deaf, blind and mute ass over Sam Keller right now. 3 turnovers isn't going to do it buddy. What was going on when he fumbled the snap? The only thing you have to do is fall on the ball and it looked like he was trying to teabag it.

I will say the running game, while not as lucrative as last week was still good. Lucky ended the game with nearly 100 yards, and he had the 22-yard TD run in the third. Castille also looked decent. He definitely had some good runs powering through the Demon Deacons D, but our rush defense sure blew it on this one. Everyone found out that the Blackshirts have a weakness and that is running the ball to the outside. They did have some key plays that helped the Huskers win, but consistency is the key. Suh definitely stepped it up this game and Octavien had some good plays, but was relatively quiet.

There isn't much to say about the first quarter. The Huskers had a pretty good drive down the field, but failed to capitalize and had to settle for a 22-yard field goal by Henery, making it 3-0 Nebraska but that's life, you can't always bang the hotties. Sometimes you have to hit the one legged hunchback just so you can get some. McKeon's interception, which led to the field goal was about the biggest play of the quarter. Otherwise I have had more exciting times going downtown. Sticking a bottle of liquor down the front of my pants and having some hobo's try and fish it out.

In the 2nd, Wake Forest answered back with a field goal of their own making it 3-3, and the Huskers failing to get in the end zone again, kicked another 22 yarder putting them ahead 6-3. That's where things started going askew. It's kind of like when your crotch starts itching and you think you might have crabs. It just doesn't feel good. The Deacons' receivers were blowing by our corners all day and thank god some of the passes were overthrown or the Huskers might have lost. Hodges managed to drive his team all the way to the end zone putting them up 10-6. Things may have been hopeless, but thankfully Keller is actually good at the 2-minute drill. Even though I thought all hope was lost because Purify cannot catch, Keller completed the kind of pass that you rub yourself over to Hill from 25 yards out to get the Huskers first TD. 1st half over.

Nebraska may have took the momentum into the locker room at the half, but Wake Forest crushed that by driving the length of the field and scoring making it 17-13 in their favor. Then came the Husker O with their final answer of the day, scoring on a 22 yard run by Lucky. The defenses pretty much did the rest, shutting down the offense each drive. I will chalk up preserving the win to Bowman, who's interception in the end zone made me so excited that I pooped. Also in the fourth, after Eisenheart's "almost" interception, there was another close call, both shutting Wake Forest down. Final score 20-17. Huskers.

Obviously there are things that need work. Most notably stopping the end around and the bootleg. Our corners definitely need to step up and all together Callahan needs to learn to adapt to what will be thrown at him. And I will go back to a conversation I had with this sites creator. The more trouble our guys get in the better they seem to play. Purify just got in some bar fight and he just had an OK game. Now had he beat some pregnant girl, he would have had an awesome game. So encourage all women to take one for the team and start some shit with the players. It's all for the love of the game.

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