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Sep 18, 2007
USC Review
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Well, well, well. So I don't think I am going to spend much time recapping the game on this installment. I think I will just rant. What the hell happened to the rush defense? What the hell happened to our secondary? See we started off doing good, but then Pete Carroll decided to do this thing and adapt his game plan so he could win, something Callahan has yet to show. What was going on with the D-Line? A one-legged Nazi midget with AIDS could have run through the holes that USC was making in our line. I will be honest I didn't think the Huskers were going to win going in to the game, but I thought we could given USC a good run. Then during the first, I thought we had a chance. We took the lead on a TD and a field goal. I actually thought we might pull off a win.

Then USC ran down to DR. John's and bought the double-sided, 3-foot sword dildo with a rotating head and stuck it straight into the Huskers ass. I'd rather get herpes from a 300 lb black hooker named Shaquifa, than have to watch that game again. The momentum definitely switched to USC after the retardedly delicious bounce on a kick return, where one of our players stripped the ball, but USC picked it right back up and gained over 30 more yards. They followed that up with 5 straight rushing plays leading to a TD. That was merely the start of the long trip downhill. I'd pretty much rather get a hand job from a silverback gorilla then recap the game, so I don't think I will. There isn't much to talk about anyways. Wait we did beat the shit out of USC's second string, but then again that's like beating the shit out a retarded kid.

I will give it to Kellar that he had a hell of a game despite the loss, I am blaming most of that on the coaching and the fact we couldn't get the running game established. Now we are just left with trying to redeem ourselves against Ballsack.

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