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Sep 25, 2007
Ball State Review
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Sam Keller showed a great posture of a leader. Answering Ball State's onslaught, punch for punch. I love this guy. He's fired up and plays with fire in his eyes. Lucky had a solid game, while it looked like Castille was benched, I didn't see him at all after the fumble. Call me old school, but I liked the call, you fumble, you sit. Next game he'll hang on a little tighter. I can't really judge our O line because Ball St's defensive line is one of the worst in the country. But I will give major props to our receiving unit, especially a walk-on TE Sean Hill. This guy catches the ball, as simple as that. He waited 4 years to do this, now it's his turn and he is definitely shining.


If Wake Forest exposed our outside run protection, and SC completely exposed our defensive line, then Ball State showed everyone that without Zack Bowman Nebraska is also a suspect in pass coverage. Nate Davis lit up the sky at-will in Nebraska. Although, the passing game did end up biting Ball State in the ass. Late in the game, they could have ran the ball on our weak run defense, but instead decided to throw. That's when Davis, completed a prefect pass to Ruud, who thanked him for the late game present and happily ran into the end zone. Brandenburgh's presence was also missed, he is a playmaker and you could tell that the Huskers needed some plays to go their way, for someone to make that big hit, or get a takeaway. In the recent pre-game interview McKeon mentions how the team is missing energy and the new starters (on defense) don't have that special bond of unity. One thing I don't get thought, Corey is such a good public speaker and a great athlete, why doesn't he use those skills and get his team out of this state of mind.

Special Teams

Grixby came so close to breaking one. It was a real kick in the gut when he got shoelace tackled. It's been a long time coming, but I think/hope it will finally happen this year.

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