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Oct 09, 2007
Football Gods hate us

Six points. Six points is what we watched our beloved Huskers get against Mizzou, that would have been Ok in 2004, but our crappy team actually won that year or in 2005, but we got 24 that game and it was a close game until the end of the 3rd quarter.

Personally, I had a wedding to attend to and was a little upset that I didn't get to watch the game live (at the time), but then I saw some of the groomsmen walking back from the bar (which they snuck out to watch the game) early, I realized that we were in trouble. And now I'm happy that I didn't experience this loss live because if I were at home, I would have probably thrown the controller through my new LCD.

I don't like saying things about a person or people, things that I couldn't say in person, but this I would to any player on our team. They need to get it together, chemistry-wise. We might not be the most talented team in the nation, but it seems like we are the most heartless in the Big 12. There are only few players that want to play like you play in the backyard for fun and glory, the rest can't wait for the season to be over already.

I also have a message for the boo birds, everyone knows that we are not that far away from Notre Dame, only a few dropped balls is the difference. We HAVE to win against Okie State and A&M, because the way it looks to me, the rest are sure losses. So your team needs you more than ever. So if you feel like booing, sell your ticket to someone else, it's Nebraska, don't tell me you'll have a problem.

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