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Oct 05, 2008
2008 - The year of no Blackshirts (again)

Oh brother, where do I start? I'm pretty sure that Bo won't hand out the Blackshirts out this year. Or maybe against Baylor, but then again if we play like we have been, the Bears have a solid chance in Lincoln. You better believe it.

This is how Missouri game developed. Mistake, penalty, mistake, penalty, mistake, penalty, mistake, penalty. The defense was not there to make the play on almost every 3rd down. When they were, they couldn't make a tackle. Take for example the very first TD by Missouri. Seriously damn it. This is not Nebraska football.

Why do we have 3 linemen in the box, when they can't get the quarterback with 4? And if we do pull a guy from the box to the back, why are they not sticking to the receivers and looking like a lost puppy. If I was as bad at my job as our defense is at theirs, my boss would ask me to go for a walk with him, and as soon as we got outside, he'd tell me to keep walking.

The coaches say that we have a great offensive line. BS! Even minus all the bootlegs, Gans is still scrambling. And I hate to pick on a player, but Lucky has no vision, Castille puts them on the ground and Helu is still not starting. Why? Why! WHY!!! Oh well...at least Colorado lost...oh wait, but OU won.

Posted by: Offspring2099 (6) Comments

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